Nitro Rigging LLC was founded in Pennsylvania in 2003 by Nick Rugai, Ph.D as a parachuting rigging business.

Nitro Rigging initial works involved custom high performance continuous high modulus aramid (HMA) line sets for skydiving main parachutes, removable deployment systems (RDS), fabrication of basic components and accessories, and maintenance of certified reserve systems.

In 2004, Nitro Rigging designed, built, and tested its first generation of glide suits for the greater sport of parachuting (skydiving and BASE jumping).  The success from the testing led to the marketing of wingsuits that started in 2006.  In 2007, the business moved to its current location in DeLand Florida expanding its vision via developing and testing various canopies for most, if not all, personnel and cargo parachuting and BASE jumping applications and further improve its line of glide suits, parachutes, harnesses/containers systems, and their related accessories.

Since 2008, Nitro Rigging has been a registered US Government contractor.

Nitro Rigging business model is to set its own construction standards for all its systems; as such, Nitro Rigging absolutely and positively delivers the highest possible quality in each and every single one of its systems.  Quality is assumed as meticulous attention and execution of all details, without prejudice.

Nitro Rigging philosophy is dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, education, the re-sourcing of local industry, and the fight against unfair outsourcing which is seen as a form of greed and treason.

All Nitro Rigging products are 100% USA built from the best quality source-traceable materials and construction methods.

Nitro Rigging is solely owned by Dr. Nick ‘Nitro’ who holds a doctorate degree in Systems Science and his professional background involves Neuroscience, Computer Science, Physics, and Complex and Intelligent Systems Engineering.  Currently, Nick is employed as an automation and robotics engineer.  Dr. Nick is also an FAA master parachute rigger, airplane pilot, fixed-object jumper (BASE 903), test-pilot, and parachuting instructor who started jumping in 1993 as a military paratrooper and he has accumulated over 5,000 skydives and nearly 1,000 BASE jumps.  Nick’s first dreams were the ones of flight and space exploration.  His natural curiosity and dexterity have led him to build his own functional wings in order to achieve pure flight and also safe landings!

‘Fiat fuga’