Q: How many skydives are needed for wingsuiting and BASE jumping?
A: We recommend 200 skydives minimum concentrating on tracking dives and canopy control.

Q: Is wingsuiting physically demanding?
A: Not at all as our wingsuits pressurize really well hence reducing almost any physical strain.

Q: Is learning wingsuiting hard?
A: Wingsuiting is not hard at all as Nitro Rigging wingsuits are extremely stable and most jumpers report how easy it is to fly our wingsuits since their first jump. However, special care must be taken when jumping from aircrafts featuring low horizontal stabilizers and pull-time should be executed a good 1,000′ higher than your normal pull altitude until you are fully comfortable with deploying wearing a wingsuit.

Q: Is a first-jump course required for wingsuiting or BASE jumping?
A: No it is not required but it is highly recommended.

Q: What kind of altimeter do I need for wingsuiting?
A: We recommend a chest-mounted or a mud-flap-mounted altimeter as chances are, you won’t be able to see a hand-mounted one. We do build altimeter mounts specifically for wingsuiting.

Q: Do Nitro Rigging suits have a secondary arm release system?
A: Yes, all our suits feature our tested cutaway/escape system.

Q: What canopy does Nitro Rigging recommend for wingsuiting?
A: A comfortable and familiar canopy to you. We do not recommend radical or highly-loaded canopies (such as the X-1 for instance).

Q: What pilot chute does Nitro Rigging recommend for wingsuiting?
A: We suggest using a 30″-32″ throw-out PC with a 9′ bridle (from pin to PC attachment point). Do NOT use a spring-loaded or pull-out main PC system.

Q: Should I or should not I use an RSL while wingsuiting?
A: We see no issues with single-side RSL and wingsuiting for as long as proper emergency procedures are followed regardless of the configuration.

Q: What is your current delivery time?
A: 4-6 weeks.

Q: Does Nitro Rigging charge sales tax?
A: All of our products are manufactured in Florida, a destination tax State, hence sales tax will be charged if the product is sold or shipped to any Floridian address.  If the purchase is for resale, then Nitro Rigging will need a copy of a valid Florida resale certificate.

Q: What form of payment does Nitro Rigging take?
A: We take cash, checks, money orders, cashier checks, PayPal, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and 24K gold bullion!  We do offer 5% cash discount on all of our products.

Q: Are large suits better or more suited for experienced pilots?
A: Not at all, the size of the suit has nothing to do with experience level, rather it is dictated by your own weight, hence heavier pilots do require larger wings and lighter pilots smaller wings.

Q: Can I jump the Δ-9 Banshee or the Limbus out of an airplane?
A: Both the Δ-9 Banshee and the Limbus are non-certified single parachute container/harness systems and in most countries (like the USA) you cannot jump them from airplanes; however there are places where you are allowed to jump from airplanes wearing a single parachute system certified or not.

Q: Can I demo one of your suits?
A: We have permanently canceled our demo program; if you want one of our suits just order one!

Q: Why should I choose a Nitro Rigging wingsuit?
A: Nitro Rigging builds the highest quality wingsuits on the market since 2004.  We stand 100% behind our products.  We have fast delivery times, the best customer service, post-purchase support, and all of our products are 100% built in the USA from quality materials.

Q: How do I wash my suit?
A: We recommend soaking the suit in lukewarm water and Woolite® for 1-2 hours then rinse it in cold water and hang it to dry in a cool dry place away from the Sun. DO NOT machine wash the suit! Do not tumble dry. Dry-cleaning is an option as well but it could affect the fabric inner coating after repeated cleanings.

Q: Can I get special embroidery on my suit?
A: Yes you can at extra cost.

Q: I am a skydiver with physical disabilities, can I learn how to wingsuit or BASE jump?
A: Indeed you can, Nitro Rigging has trained jumpers with disabilities on wingsuiting and BASE jumping as well.

Q: What kind of glide ratio do wingsuits get?
A: Anywhere between 0-3.0.  Wingsuit’s glide ratio is limited by the system’s aspect ratio and its relatively high coefficient of drag (as low as 0.09 in most cases).

Q: What is the story behind the company logo?
A: Nitro Rigging logo is based, as a tribute, on Nick’s former and dismantled ‘3rd Battery the Devils’ an airborne artillery battery part of the 185 Regiment (Yellow Devils) of the Folgore Airborne Brigade.  The parachute symbolizes the airborne nature, the wing of the dragon is a metaphor for armed flying forces, the flames symbolize artillery power, the sword symbolizes armed infantry, and the skull symbolizes death.  The motto of the company is ‘Pro planton, pro nihil’, pro means ‘for’ in Latin, planton comes from Latin ‘panton’ which means ‘everything’, and nihil is Latin for ‘nothing’.

Q: Can I land a wingsuit?
A: Of course you can but chances are it will be your last landing, unless you use thousands of dollars of carton boxes!


  • A wingsuit/pilot/rig with a weight of 220 lbs has a maximum terminal velocity of about 147 mph on Earth and 442 mph on Mars.
  • For a soft landing comparable to a canopy of 150 square feet, with a 220 lbs cargo, on Mars the canopy would be 1,300 square feet, about the surface area of a Boeing 737 wings!