The F-4 is a 9-cell main canopy with an aspect ratio of 2.65:1 built from z-po fabric with a tapered trailing edge.  The F-4 features a medium speed turbulent flow airfoil and a partially enclosed nose tuned for soft, predictable and on-heading openings, great glide, and a very powerful flare.

The F-4 is suited for conservative or intermediate pilots interested in a predictable, stable, and easy to fly and land canopy at light wing-loading or aggressive pilots interested in hard dives and long swoops when loaded heavily.  The F-4 is the ‘jack-of-all-trades’ canopy regardless the skydiving discipline of choice.

Size: S (96), M (111), L (141), XL (171)

Recommended wing-loading: 1.0- 1.8:1

Recommended Minimum Experience:  200 Ram-air Flights.

Line type:  HMA 350 lbs continuous

Price: $2,200

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