The P-51 is a 7-cell main canopy with an aspect ratio of 2.25:1 built entirely from z-po fabric.  The P-51 features a braced and partially enclosed leading edge and a medium speed turbulent flow airfoil.  The P-51 is available in skydiving or CRW version.

The P-51 is a stress-free canopy that can be jumped by anyone, from intermediate to expert skydivers depending on the wing-loading.  Built stronger than most reserves, featuring a conservative design, the P-51 is both safe and fun to fly.  Aggressive pilots will like the P-51 swooping ability when brought in with extra induced airspeed or just sink in the peas thanks to its powerful flare and stability.  This is not your typical 7-cell canopy, the P-51 is fun and quite fast with a surprisingly long recovery arc!

Sizes: S (120), M (140), L (169), XL (199)

Recommended wing-loading: 1.0-1.5:1

Recommended Minimum Experience:  100 Ram-air Flights.

Line type:  HMA 350 continuous or Dacron 400 continuous (CRW)

Price: $2,000

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