X-1 Widow Maker

The X-1 ‘Widow Maker’ is a very aggressive 9-cell main canopy with an aspect ratio of 3.0:1, a very thin turbulent flow airfoil, tapered trailing and leading edges, and in-house developed diagonal braces (featuring tapes not fabric as x-brace system).

This new bracing system allows the canopy to feature a supportive ‘endoskeleton’, with the line attachment tapes running in a zig-zag pattern span-wise, for each line group.  The end result is a very rigid canopy with virtually no distortion even at very high wing loadings.  The Widow Maker is arguably the most rigid and highest performance skydiving main ever developed.

The X-1 is suited only for the most experienced canopy pilots.  The Widow Maker displays a very high forward speed, steep dives, and long swoops.

Sizes: S (71), M (81), L (91)

Recommended wing-loading: ~2.0+:1

Recommended Minimum Experience:  1,000 Ram-air Flights.

Line type:  HMA 350 lbs continuous

Price: $2,400

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