Rigor Mortis


Radically designed as advanced wingsuits for those experienced pilots interested in maximum performance, the Rigor Mortis suits are available in three sizes in order to accommodate for proper wing-loading and flight characteristics.

The Rigor Mortis is designed as a fast forward speed suit equipped with our asymmetrical leg wing featuring an aggressive forward attachment point and an inseam-length in order to provide a very powerful back-wash, fast pressurization, and forward speed.  The Rigor Mortis is recommended for BASE jumping or for those pilots interested in sheer belly-to-earth performance.  The Rigor Mortis is inherently very sable and it flies ‘on rails’ mostly due to the geometry of its leg wing.

Recommended pilot naked weight:

  • Rigor Mortis Small:  100-165 lbs (45-75 Kg).
  • Rigor Mortis Medium:  150-195 lbs (68-88 Kg).
  • Rigor Mortis Large: 195+ lbs (88+ Kg).

Minimum Recommended Experience:  100 wingsuit flights.

Price: $1900

Delivery time:  4-6 weeks

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