Nitro Rigging designs and manufactures high quality wingsuits since 2004 with the introduction of the original ‘Rigor Mortis’.

Today, we offer three lines of wingsuits plus our integrated wingsuit/harness/container system.  Each of our lines of wingsuits comes in different sizes in order to accommodate for proper wing-loading and flying style:

  1. All-around models suited for all experience levels (200 skydives minimum):  Flockus (S), Pipistrellus (M), and Psycho (L).
  2. The Rigor Mortis (S, M, L) expert suits designed for max glide, stability, and BASE jumping (100 wingsuit jumps).
  3. The XXX (X, XL) advanced series of suits (200 wingsuit jumps).
  4. The Δ-9 Banshee integrated wingsuit/container/harness system available with any of our wings.

Nitro Rigging wingsuits come fully-loaded and they are heavy-duty constructed from domestic packcloth nylon 420 (parapack), 1050 domestic ballistic nylon, and domestic spandura (50% cordura nylon and 50% lycra).

Wingsuits standard features:

  • Vibram® high-traction soles (Made in Italy).
  • Secondary arm release system (cutaway) fully integrated with the principal ram-air intake and spare handles anchored inside the arm wings.
  • Ram-air turbulent flow wings with air-locked back-flying intakes.
  • Pressurized mega booties.
  • Heaviest-duty YKK® zippers #10 (Made in Japan).
  • Over-the-shoulder easy hook-up system.
  • Dual running sliders on the body zippers (for easy donning).
  • Quality closed cell foam as leading edge inserts.
  • Internal short sleeves.
  • Internal pocket.
  • Hook-knife pouch.
  • Large Nitro Rigging logo embroidered on back deflector.
  • Nitro Rigging patch on front.
  • USA # 1 patch, upon request.
  • Optional pilot chute pouch and bridle shrivel flap.
  • Optional GoPro® chest-mount zipper (it will delete the stock pocket).

If your idea of fun is to fly off a cliff or a flying object, Nitro Rigging will provide you with a custom suit built to last the harshest of the environments for years of enjoyment.

Nitro Rigging also offers first-time wingsuit courses free of charge with the purchase of one of our wingsuits.  We normally hold courses at Skydive DeLand in Florida.

Wingsuit price range: $1800-3000

Delivery time:  4-6 weeks

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